About Us

Kris G. Gulick started Kris G. Gulick CPA, PLC in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2002 to assist organizations with project-based financing and litigation support. He organized Entrepreneurial Services Group LLC in 2005 after realizing that clients often needed ongoing financial management beyond project-based assistance.

The company originally focused on providing outsourced professional financial consulting services to startup businesses and its client base has been built primarily on referrals. The company has expanded to meet the increasing demand for services.

Why Hire Us?

Entrepreneurial Services Group LLC is not a temporary accounting staffing firm, but instead a group of experienced CFOs and Controllers who have worked for years in a variety of industries.

By providing on-site assistance we work with your staff, your systems and your data. We have an opportunity to interact with the people who can answer our questions and provide information when it's needed to complete tasks in a timely manner. By being on-site we focus on that client's needs. We can spend as little or as much time with each client as needed, and adjust our on-site schedule as needs change.

We work at each client's site to become part of the management team. We will manage and train your staff to do accounting in an efficient manner. In fact, if we don’t recommend changes after we've worked with you, we're not doing what you hired us to do.

Our staff follow set procedures and use company templates so that we always have someone able to step in and take care of each client’s needs.

You hire us to work with you when you need us, whether it’s for a short-term project or ongoing financial management. Hiring Entrepreneurial Services Group LLC can give your organization’s outside supporters – such as stakeholders, lending institutions, stock holders or board members – confidence that an unbiased party is overlooking accounting functions.